Airtel Customer Care: Use These 5 Service Channels to Quickly Get your Issues Resolved

To have searched for Airtel customer care,  you are either experiencing unnecessary charges/deductions on your Airtel line or maybe you just bought a new sim, registered but can’t use it?

For issues like this and other similar ones (including requests for cancellation of advertising messages, configuration settings, unblocking of Airtel line), you should be contacting Airtel customer care for help.

The following are five channels Airtel customers are using–and that you can as well use–to quickly get customer support. (All channels are available 24 hours in a day, 7 hours of the week including public holidays)

Call Airtel customer care line

Calling Airtel customer care line is the most typical and widely used method for making inquiries/requests.

You get to do this by calling some designated Airtel customer care codes.

To speak with an Airtel customer service agent on the phone:

  • Dial 111 or 121 (toll-free numbers–calls will not attract charges), if you are calling directly from an Airtel number. Having selected your language choice, press 3, then 6.
  • Dial 08021500111 or 08021500121 (not toll-free numbers–calls will attract charges), if you are calling from another network within Nigeria.
  • Dial +2348021500111 or +2348021500121, if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

Do keep in mind however that this service channel is the most used due to its ease of accessibility.

Meaning getting through to an Airtel call center agent may require some patience on your part.

If, however, you lack such patience or maybe urgency is involved in your issue, I will advise giving preference to other service channels listed in this post.

Send Airtel customer care an email

Email is another service channel through which you can lodge complaints, make inquiries, ask questions, or offer suggestions.

Some Airtel users prefer this channel not only because it provides an alternative to the call option, but because often, it is very active. As a result, their issues are likely to get prompt attention.

That mentioned, you can e-mail Airtel customer care via

Find Airtel customer care on social media

If you are tired and frustrated about listening to Airtel customer care jingles when you call their line. Yet still, you don’t want to send or maybe you don’t have access to an email. In such instances, engaging Airtel customer care on social media is the next best thing.

Airtel customer care is active on Facebook and Twitter. Click on any of the hyperlink texts below to be taking to your channel of choice.

On Facebook, you either send a DM message (most recommended) or comment on any of Airtel’s post updates (least recommended).

For Twitter, Airtel does not open their DM for messages so your surest bet is commenting on Airtel’s post updates. Alternately, you can create a tweet and tag @airtel_care.

Interact With Information on the Airtel Website

To get started on this one, visit Airtel’s website. Here you will find information about Airtel’s products and services. Hopefully, this information will answer your questions.

Visit the Nearest Airtel Showroom

Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like to know your airtime usage for a certain period, for example, you will have to locate an Airtel showroom at your location.  

Final Thought

Up there you have the five Airtel customer care service channels.

If it helps to mention, you will still want to settle with a service channel that is responsive and that you are most comfortable using.

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