Airtel Data Plan, Subscription Code, Price, Balance Check, Night Plan

Airtel Data Plan, Subscription Code, Price, Balance Check, Night Plan


Airtel Data Plans

Whatever gets the mind glued to the Net, stands solely on a spineless data plan. Acknowledging this, Airtel has continued to spin the table with other service providers in rolling out eye-popping data plans. Therefore drawing in more customers while giving their current subscribers all the reason to stay forever. However, whether new or early to Airtel, it’s important to be constantly updated on every Airtel data plan. And there’s just an edge to getting informed before others do. Why? Because you escape getting misinformed plus you automatically become a go-to for data updates. And on here, we’re putting upfront everything surrounding the smart network data plan. So get ready to have the coolest plan to complement your smartphone. We promise to put you through the whole process without putting a curve on the way. Here’s a list of what you’re getting from this post:

  • Aitel Data plans
  1. Airtel Unlimited Data Plans
  2. Airtel Mega Packs
  3. Airtel SmartSPEEDOO
  4. Airtel Night Data Plan
  • Subscription codes
  • How to check Airtel data balance
  • How to share Airtel data

We will show you how it’s possible to enjoy the red sim card just like other subscribers are. No need for shoe-horning. Let’s get down with it immediately.

Airtel Data plan

  • Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Airtel unlimited, as it is loudly called, is a package of 3 data. Currently the most expensive from Airtel and a substitute for Spectranet, Ntel, and Smile 4GLite. Obviously, not everyone can afford this package but it has a big edge over the low-budget plans.

For anyone not minding throwing out N10, 000 to N20, 000 for the best browsing experience, this is the right pick. The first plan in this package is Airtel unlimited 10. As the name implies, subscribers get one-month unlimited browsing for a sum of N10, 000, of course. Same for the unlimited 15 except that you’ve to pay N15, 000 for it. Why then throw out an extra N5, 000 for the same 30 days unlimited browsing? Well, the diff is clear just when you try the two. The unlimited 15, according to previous subscribers, gives faster browsing with high loading speed. Meanwhile, this claim which had been confirmed by us is yet to be updated on Airtel official website.

Interestingly, there’s the unlimited 20 as well which is currently the most expensive but the best plan. Below is the table, we’ve given the subscription codes and how to get you started.


Unlimited 10 10, 000 30 days *462*10#
Unlimited 15 15, 000 30 days *462*15#
Unlimited 20 20, 000 30 days *462*20#


You can also dial *141# on your phone to subscribe to any of the unlimited plans. Though this may be a long process.


  • Airtel Mega Packs

Assumed to be Airtel’s biggest comeback of the year, Airtel mega packs is a promo bag. This mega packs simply buy you 34GB data for N10, 000 and a gift box of MiFi, Dongle or Router. However, you throw away the chance of taking home any of this free gifts if you don’t buy enough. That is if you don’t buy a pack with a worth of N10, 000. And on this segment, we will take you around the top 3 Airtel mega packs. Starting with Mega 5 designed for every heavy data users, it is not as mobile friendly as Airtel Mega 10 but cheaper. Though much expensive, customers on mega 10 get to go home with any of the gifts mentioned above.

Lastly, in the mega packs, we have Mega 20. Mega 20 brings joy to your online life with a massive 60GB. Though it gets your wallet rid of N20, 000. But if you don’t mind the bucks and there’s a whole lot of juices on the net for you, then it should be a yes. In conclusion, the mega packs can be used for streaming and downloading on multiple devices and on a single device. Check out the subscription code of this huge Airtel data plan below.

Airtel mega 5 5, 000 30 days *452# 12GB
Airtel mega 10 10, 000 30 days *462*10# 25 GB
Airtel mega 20 20, 000 30 days *462*20# 60 GB


  • Airtel SmartSPEEDOO

This brings the 42mbps browsing of LTE. Have a downloading experience of 3M/seconds without any special code. Inarguably, this is the most upgraded Airtel data plan ever. As the name implies, it gives a lightning speed streaming and downloading with no fault. Be in control of all the latest Netflix series and watch every video with zero a headaches. You also get a chance to enjoy free 160MB data on your phone and Pc. Check it out below.

100 24 hours *410# 5MB
200 3 days *412# 200MB
100 5 days *401# 25MB daily
300 7 days *417# 350MB
500 14 days *418# 750MB
1000 30 days *496# 1.5GB
2000 30 days *437# 3.5GB
2500 30 days *437*1# 5GB
3500 30 days *438# 7GB
4000 30 days *438*1# 9GB
300 25 days *885*1# 250MB
1, 500 30 days *435# 3GB
525 7 days *440*17# 200 MB
100 1 day *440*18# 40MB
1000 30 days *431# 3GB for BlackBerry
  • Airtel Night Data Plan

Here’s the last on our updated list of Airtel data plans and their migration codes. Airtel Night Data Plan comes with a lot of juices around it. Unfortunately, this plan is only open to SmartTrybe subscribers. However, you can get on SmartTrybe with the code we’ve mentioned above. To get on the night data plan, dial *312# on your mobile phone. On the night plan, users enjoy;

  1. Free 15MB weekly
  2. 1GB data for #500 which lasts for a week
  3. Free night browsing
  4. Midnight browsing at a flat rate of #25/500MB

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Want to check your data balance on Airtel? Simply dial *140#

Are you equally an MTN user? We got you covered. Check how to check MTN data Balance.

How To Share Airtel Data

Simply dial *141# and follow the simple step by step process sent to you from Airtel to share Airtel data.

You might like to check here, to look up summary of various plans on Airtel official website.

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