Airtel Balance Check

Airtel Balance Check


Airtel is undoubtedly the biggest service provider in Nigeria. This is observable in the last figures by NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) on November 2018. Moreover, Airtel has continued to work on customer satisfaction.  In addition, among its easy-to-use services is the Airtel balance check.

Yes, checking your airtime balance on Airtel is almost as easy as making a cup of tea. Looking deep into it, the technology world is fast advancing. And hardly will you see a one-SIM card phone on the shelf. Even the low-end phones have been upgraded to meet up with the current dual-SIM world. And for this, keeping all the codes in your head may not be as easy as it once was. Luckily, for this, we have decided to keep on updating you on all the new gears. So get the heat off. Forget it all as much as you want. Because you can always come here for an update on Airtel Balance check and other Airtel services. Read on.

How To Check Your Airtel Airtime balance in Nigeria

Want to know how to check your balance on Airtel? No, we don’t need to wake uncle Jonah up for you. Here is the fastest way to check your Airtel airtime balance in Nigeria:

  • Insert your Airtel SIM card
  • Turn on your phone
  • Dial *123#
  • Receive a message showing your balance

Fast and easy!

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How To Check Your Airtel Airtime balance in other Africa countries

  •  Rwanda: Dial *131#
  •  Chad: Dial *137#
  • DRC: Dial *565#
  • Gabon: Dial *137#
  • Ghana: Dial 124#
  • Kenya: Dial *131# and not *133# as it was before
  • Madagascar: Dial #357# or #358#
  • Tanzania: Dial *102#
  • Uganda: Dial *131#
  • Zambia: Dial *114#

Note: Beware of checking your Airtel airtime balance with codes not supported by us or Airtel. Some codes expose your valuable information to hackers. To be sure you’re using the right code, kindly visit Airtel Africa website for verification.

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